The Not Mom club. Not a bad place to be!

by anne1dove

As I am currently in a state of limbo regarding the decision to move forward with infertility treatment (donor egg ivf would be our next step) or stopping this crazy train and choosing a childfree life I am neck deep in researching both sides.  What motherhood is REALLY like.  The regrets that mothers have (yes, their life is not perfect just because they have what I have wanted for years!).  Right now I am obsessed with role models of women that never had children. Whether by choice or by circumstance. I am hungry for testaments from these women that a satisfying and happy life is more than possible.  Yesterday I found a cool site called and upon perusing the site came upon a very long list of women in history, current media, fiction, etc. that didn’t have the title “mother” on their bio/resume.  Some of these women I was very aware of their childfree existence (hello Jennifer Aniston whose uterus has been documented continuously for 10 years now), but others I found myself pleasantly surprised by such as:

Gloria Steinam

Sonia Sotomayer

Diane Sawyer

Dolly Parton

Stevie Nicks (I did know this, but I love her!)

Helen Mirren (aka one of the hottest women over 60)

Harper Lee

Hoda Kotb

Frida Kahlo

Lauren Hutton

Angelica Huston

Katherine Hepburn

Deborah Harry

Gabrielle Giffords

Jane Austen

Harriet Tubman

Jane Addams

Coco Chanel

Julia Child

Ella Fitzgerald

Ava Gardner

Billie Holiday

Ayn Rand

Florence Nightingale

The list was actually much longer but these were some of my favorites. These are standout women in our history! Women that made a difference, impact, or entertained the masses.  I can’t help but wonder, would these women have been able to be the person they are/were if they were mothers too? Maybe. Maybe not.  One thing to be sure is, there is no shame in being in the “not mom” category if it means being part of club of these members!